Low Country Murals


The murals for the rotunda of the hotel represent cycloramic views of the historic Charleston harbor and a typical low-country plantation. The imagery was inspired by a rare 18th-century English painting, a subsequent engraving, and images of a stately country home.  The murals also feature intimate gardens much cherished by Charlestonians and an assortment of coastal birds in flight.

The project required several research trips to Charleston, its archives, museums and surroundings. I met with curators at the Cooper Hewitt, Metropolitan Museum and Yale Art Gallery to examine period wallpapers and the original engraving. The project took over a year to complete. The eleven murals, painted on seamless portrait linen on my studio floor, were finally installed in the fall of 2018.

Low country mural with palms, flowers and wrought iron fence detail
Low country mural illustrating typical manse with live oak tree in the landscape
Low country mural with detail of egret flying in blue sky
Low country mural with native flower details
Low country mural with detail of swallowtail butterfly