I specialize in public, commercial and residential murals, designed to complement the needs of each project.

My versatility allows me to bridge the stylistic gap between the classical and the modern. My classical training and skills result in unparalleled quality for the painted imagery.

Featured Projects

Classic Center mural detail depicting images related to science as a faux wood carving

Classic Center Murals

Low Country Murals

Mural by Jill Biskin inspired by french tapestry design

French Tapestry Murals

Mural by Jill Biskin of coastal plains painted in brown tones

Cassique Clubhouse Murals

Garden Room Murals

Garden Dome Mural

Gothic tapestry mural featuring family dressed in medieval costumes

Gothic Tapestry Mural

Other Projects

Image of Ritz Carlton tapestry mural
Ritz Carlton Tapestry
Ritz Carlton Tapestry Detail
mural detail of tapestry border and bird
Ritz Carlton Tapestry Detail
Asian inspired mural of cranes with mountains in the background
Japanese Edo Screen
Wine Cellar Faux Bois
Wine Cellar Faux Bois Detail
Music Room mural with band of cartouches
Music Room fresco
Image of painted medallion of historic musical instruments
Music Room fresco Detail
From Fragonard, Fête at St. Cloud
Chinoiserie Detail in Stairwell
Chinoiserie Stairwell
Chinoiserie Detail in Stairwell
Sepia Tone Grisaille
Sepia Tone Grisaille
trompe l'oeil of soccer goal
Soccer trompe l'oeil